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Departmental Research Committee

Prof Mushi Matjila Chairperson 
Dr Tracey Adams Deputy Chairperson
Dr Anne Horak Member
Dr Chantal Stewart Member
Dr Kendall Brouard Member
Dr Leann Schoeman Member
Dr Malika Patel Member
Dr Gregory Petro Member
Dr Dominic Richards Member
Prof Lynette Denny Member
Prof Silke Dyer Ex-officio member
Prof Susan Fawcus Ex-officio member
Prof Zephne van der Spuy Ex-officio member
Ms Olivia Langenhoven Research Secretary

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Departmental Collaborative Research Framework

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Research which Consultants are interested in:

Professor Lynette Denny

Cervical cancer: prevention in low-resource settings;  natural history; precursors in HIV positive women. Other gynaecological cancers: management of endometrial,ovarian cancer and advanced vulval cancer. HPV:  prevalence, types; vaccination, DNA typing.

Professor Susan Fawcus

Maternal mortality; Perinatal mortality; Intrapartum asphyxia; Magnesium supplementation in pregnancy;  Respectful maternity care, Calcium and pre-eclampsia Obstetric haemorrhage

Professor Zephne van der Spuy

Contraceptive and interceptive development; Polycystic ovary syndrome; Reproductive failure; Endocrine dysfunction in pregnancy; Menopause; Nutrition and reproductive health; Genetics of benign gynaecological conditions.

Associate Professor John Anthony

Thrombophilia; Eclampsia; Bioethics.

Professor Silke Dyer

Infertility:  Management in low-resource settings, psychosocial consequences, assisted reproductive technology (ART), ART data registries.

Dr Saadiqa Allie

Obstetric hysterectomy; Teenage pregnancy.

Dr Anne Horak

High risk obstetrics; Fetal cardiac abnormalities.

Dr Stephen Jeffery

Refractory overactive bladder syndrome: treatment, epidemiology; HIV and obstetric pelvic floor trauma;  surgical repair of posterior compartment prolapse;  interdisciplinary patient care

Assoc Prof Mushi Matjila

Fetal Anomalies: Antenatal Pyelectasis; Reproductive endocrinology in normal and abnormal pregnancies. PhD thesis (in process): “The role of Kisspeptin and cognate receptor GPR 54 in placentation”.

Dr Nomonde Mbatani

Uterine sarcomas: outcome of treatment; Treatment outcome and complications of gynaecological malignancy.

Dr Greg Petro

Clinical epidemiology; Haemorrhage and transfusion in the obstetric patient; Termination of pregnancy.

Dr Linda Rogers

Vulval cancer, MRI Imaging in endometrial and cervical cancer, optimal management of early stage cervical cancer, outcome of ovarian cancer in developing countries.

Dr Leann Schoeman

High-risk obstetrics; Audit of clinical obstetric management; cardiac disease in pregnancy.

Dr Chantal Stewart

Fetal medicine; Women’s expectations of and attitudes to fetal anomaly scans; Preterm labour; Ultrasound screening for risk of pregnancy complications.