National Collaboration

Our unit has excellent relationships with the other academic centers in South Africa. We communicate regularly with our colleagues in these units. This has included running combined live surgery workshops with Dr Frans van Wijk from Pretoria Urology Hospital. Dr Jeffery has also collaborated with Dr van Wijk on a research project. Through the South African Urogynaecology Association Dr Jeffery has collaborated with Prof Hennie Cronje and Dr Ettienne Henn (Free State) on guideline development for mesh use in pelvic organ prolapse surgery. We also have an excellent relationship with Dr Kobus van Rensburg from Tygerberg Hopsital and have collaborated and a number of occasions in research, cadaver workshops and regular combined meetings.  

International collaboration

We have excellent relationships with a number of International Urogynaecology Units. We believe that regular communication with these colleagues not only keeps our management strategies contemporary, but it holds us accountable in the way in which we run the unit.The close connection to the University of North Carolina has already been specified. We are currently collaborating on a research project with Dr Jan-Paul Roovers at the Amsterdam Medical Centre and Prof Kate Moore in Sydney, Australia. Dr Jeffery has an excellent relationship with Dr Lauri Romanzi from New York University in Manhattan, through the Ghana training program. Prof Peter Dietz, Nepean University, Sydney, Australia, has visited our unit and Dr Anne Horak from Groote Schuur spent 5 weeks as a fellow in his Department, learning pelvic floor ultrasound. Dr Mark Slack, a respected Urogynaecologist from Cambridge in the UK is also a regular visitor to our unit.