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Clinical Service

The urogynaecology department provides both a general gynaecology, subspecialist urogynaecology service and minimally invasive gynaecology services.

Scope of service

General gynaecology

This service is operated through the Jeffery Firm, one of the three gynaecology units. The general service includes both a busy emergency and elective gynaecology component. The emergencies include a broad range of pathology. We also manage the post-partum surgical complications as part of the general gynaecology service. The three gynaecology firms share the general gynaecology workload.  

Minimally invasive gynaecology

Aspects of the general gynaecology service that are unique to our unit is that we perform a significant portion the minimally invasive surgical procedures including both outpatient and in-patient hysteroscopy. 


This is the main focus of the unit. We provide a service for women with pelvic floor dysfunction, which includes urinary and faecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and post –partum perineal trauma.